Knowsley Safari Park prepares for April 12 reopening

Families can finally escape the sofa to enjoy a wild day out at Merseyside’s Knowsley Safari when it re-opens on Monday, April 12 and there will be a new rare species for visitors to discover – Grevy’s Zebra, the largest and most endangered Zebra species.

Friday, 12th March 2021, 8:21 am
The Grevy’s Zebra
The Grevy’s Zebra

There are less than 2,000 Grevy’s Zebra in the world and Quigley and Ceaba have arrived at Knowsley Safari to mark the beginning of a potential breeding programme.

With large, round fluffy ears and narrower, taller stripes compared with Plains and Mountain Zebra, the distinctive Grevy’s Zebra also have unique plain white areas on their stomach and at the base of the tail.

As well as the new animal additions, guests will be able to re-fuel even easier than before on the Foot Safari with several new outdoor catering options including a takeaway pizzeria and an exciting new 'Dessert Pod' offering sweet treats.

Visitors can also witness Knowsley’s fascinating bush dogs enjoying their new upgraded enclosure after the area was recently landscaped and redeveloped, allowing for additional viewing areas along the Foot Safari.

As the world’s smallest pack-hunting dog, these amazing animals have the advantage of webbed feet making them expert swimmers - a significant attribute when surviving in the wild - and live in family packs of a single mated pair and their pups.

While on the Foot Safari guests can spot Amur Tigers, tapir, capybara, meerkats and giraffe. The popular Flight of the Talons bird of prey display happens daily where guests can experience vultures, hawks and stalks feeding, flying and swooping just inches above their heads.

Guests must pre-book online at and with contactless entry and enhanced hygiene regimes and social-distancing measures in place across the Safari’s 550-acre site, guests can be assured of one of a safe day out.

The Knowsley Safari app is the closest thing to a personal tour guide. Download before arrival and visitors can discover fascinating facts about the animals as they spot them first-hand.

Rachel Scott, Head of Marketing, Knowsley Safari, says: “We are so excited to be re-opening and have been busy preparing so we can offer our guests a fun, safe day out packed with adventure and new experiences.

“The new Grevy’s Zebra have settled in well on the Safari Drive and all the animals – and staff – are ready to welcome visitors back on site.

"The additional outdoor catering options we’ve installed will provide a new way for people to eat Al Fresco from April and throughout the year, so everyone really can enjoy a full day out in the wild.”