Is the humble Black Jack the nation's favourite penny sweet?

Penny sweets have always been a favourite
Penny sweets have always been a favourite

Penny sweets have always been a favourite amongst kids, and now a new survey has revealed the nation’s all-time favourite penny chew to be Black Jacks.

The team at money saving site have surveyed their customer base to find out what their all-time favourite penny sweet is, with Black Jacks receiving just over a third of the votes.

Voters were asked to pick which sugary treat most satisfied their sweet tooth, with a total of nine different nostalgic sweets to choose from.

Among some of the other classic penny treats to finish highly were flying saucers, pink shrimps and the ever popular fruit salads.

Many of the sweets to make the final list are still loved by kids today, including fried eggs, milk bottles and chocolate mice.

It was the classic Black Jack that comfortably finished in first place, after the aniseed flavoured sweet received a total of 34% of the votes.

It was a fruity chew that helped complete a top two position for Barrett’s, with fruit salads finishing second with 16% of the votes.

Pink shrimps might not be as popular with the youth of today but they still remain a favourite for older sweetie fans, and finished in third after receiving 13% of the vote.

Despite surely causing a few cavities amongst any fans, chocolate mice and flying saucers still finished in a respectable joint-fourth place, sharing the spot with 9% of the votes each.

Sweet lovers looking for the taste of fruit without having to eat anything healthy would surely have gone for sweet bananas, and these classic chews received a respectable total of seven per cent.

Milk bottles received just six per cent of the overall vote, with fried eggs and Love Hearts propping up the table with just three per cent. receiving an overall score of just 6%.

Darren Williams, of, said: “We all remember rushing to the local newsagents after school to see how many penny sweets our small change would buy us.

“The overwhelming response we had from our customers indicates that many people still have fond memories of the sugary snacks they enjoyed when they were young.

“We had a lot of responses from people who were upset that their choice of chew didn’t make the final shortlist, which shows how fondly people care about their favourite nostalgic sweets.

“Prices of our favourite snacks might appear to always be going up, but as long as you have a few coppers in your pocket, you’ll always be able to bag yourself a handful of your favourite chews.”

Most popular penny sweets

1 Black Jacks 34%

2 Fruit Salad 16%

3 Pink Shrimps 13%

4 Chocolate Mice 9%

5 Flying Saucers 9%

6 Sweet Bananas 7%

7 Milk Bottles 6%

8 Fried Eggs 3%