Mud rescue drama and shoe maker retires

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Here’s what was hitting the headlines in the St Helens Reporter 55 years ago this week.

A 14-year-old boy had to be rescued from mud silt while bird watching near the coronation sandpit in Rainford.

John Kwasnicka, of Thatto Heath, was rescued from his perilous situation by three local men.

While watching a mallard duck, the teenager accidentally stepped out onto the mud silt without realising his danger.

He told the Reporter: “The mud was quite dry at first and I thought it was safe to walk on. Then I became frightened and tried to get back to the bank. My foot slipped and I fell into the mud.”

In other news, a coroner adjourned an inquest following the tragic discovery of the bodies of a 70-year-old man and an 18-year-old man.

John Pennington and Daniel Keenan were both found dead at Leonard Street in Sutton.

Mr Keenan, 18, was an apprentice fitter at the Vulcan foundry in Earlestown and Mr Pennington the husband of Anne.

Elsewhere, a man who had been making shoes since 1893 was finally set to retire.

Edmund Travis, 77, of Dentons Green, was well-known for running a small shoe shop in Duke Street.

He had become an apprentice shoe maker in the old market place at just 13 and carried on for the next 64 years!

And finally, despite missing two players through international duty and three through injury Saints stormed to an impressive win over Halifax.

Alan Prescott proved an inspirational presence in a game which saw the lead chang hands no less than three times.