Miracle eye cure and ref sends himself off!

Here’s what was hitting the headlines in the Reporter 40 years ago this week.

A visit to a faith healer produced a miracle cure for a grateful Prescot boy. Through an eye that was almost blind he could now see television.

Ian Price, 10, had been partially blind in his right eye since birth but, after his grandparents took him to faith healer Melvin Banks, he said: “He put his hands on my head and said prayers. My eye has been getting better ever since.”

In other news, the 300 bus drivers and conductors in St Helens accepted a new pay deal which gave them an extra £1.57 per week.

The rise, which was backdated to the beginning of the year, included a £6 cash bonus for every employee on each of their holiday weeks.

Elsewhere, paperboy Dermot Ball scooped a first-time award for St Helens.

Dermot, 16, of Windle, became the first newsboy in the town to have his name picked out by Communicor - winning him a £5 prize.

A spokesman said: “We want to get rid of the urchin image of paperboys and girls. They deserve some praise.”

And finally, soccer referee Richard Tarry decided someone would have to go when a cup game descended into an unseemly brawl... and he decided it must be him!

Just 10 minutes into the second half - with the score 2-2 between Island Brow A and The Owls from Skelmersdale - he announced that the match was abandoned and walked off the field.

In an early punch-up Islands Brow claimed one of their players had had a tooth knocked out.

Mr Tarry then quit when eight players began fighting and another chased an opponent across the field brandishing a corner flag!