Jobs boom and delivery van drama

Here’s what was hitting the headlines in the St Helens Reporter 45 years ago this week.

There had been a complete about-turn on the jobs front since St Helens had been included in the Merseyside development area.

From being a town with a scarcity of work, it had turned into one booming with employment opportunities - despite the loss of coal as one of its basic industries.

Elsewhere, a St Helens man lost his blemish-free, 35-year driving record after a split-second error.

Richard Davies, who had driven more than half a million miles during his career, was involved in a crash after turning right onto Marshalls Cross Road from Robins Lane.

He was fined £5 and ordered to pay £10 costs, but insisted: “I feel really upset about this - to brand me as a careless driver after 35 years.”

In other news, motorists on Westfield Street were forced to make unscheduled detours when a drunk man stood urinating in the middle of the road.

Paul Brogan admitted being drunk and disorderly and was fined £8.

And finally, when mother-of-two Annie Darlington left her Thatto Heath council house to visit her mother she left a note for the vegetable delivery man asking him to leave half a dozen eggs.

But when she returned later in the day she found three police cars outside her Canberra Avenue home and the bumper and engine of the 10-tonne delivery van embedded in her sitting room wall!

The runaway lorry had been parked on a steep incline some distance away before careering down the hill and smashing into Mrs Darlington’s home.