Book review: Halloween books for the kids

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That spooky time of the year is nearly upon us again.

Halloween is just around the corner and Bloomsbury books ( have some scary treats for all ages.

Crafty trick or treaters will love the “Fold-Up Halloween Fortune Tellers’’ book (£5.99) which is a great book and full of spooky fortune tellers for you to cut out and have fun with your friends.

Some of the fortunes have been decided and there are blank ones for you to create your own, so let that imagination go wild!

“First Day at Skeleton School’’ by Sam Lloyd (£6.99) is a great book for the little terrors at bedtime. Sounds a marvellous place to go to school, you can learn to float with the ghosts, jingle-jangle-jive with the skeletons and pretend to be a monster.

“Scary Hairy Party’’ by Claire Freedman and Sue Hendra (£6.99) is fun too, everyone wants to look their best for the monster’s party, but a series of disasters at Raymond’s hair salon leaves the customers disappointed until they discover the special theme!

Older children will enjoy “Witch Snitch’’ by Sibeal Pounder (£5.99). The book tells the tale of Tiga’s first Witchween, when everyone celebrates how brilliant witches are. Peggy has asked Tiga and Fran to make a documentary about Sinkville’s most famous witches, with Fluffanora helping out as wardrobe director.

The intrepid film crew delve into every hidden corner of Sinkville and find mouldy jam, microcats and an astonishing amount of cake, but Tiga can’t help but feel that something is going on behind her back.

Finally, “Maudlin Towers - The Curse of The Werewolf Boy’’ by Chris Priestley (£6.99). The towers are riddled with mysteries. Is that a Viking in the school grounds, could there be a ghost in the attic or is there a werewolf wandering the corridors?

The most important question though is: who has stolen the School Spoon?

Shiveringly great reads!

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