Wello’s World - We must learn fast how to close the game out

Catalan celebrate their last minute try
Catalan celebrate their last minute try

I HAVE had a few days to digest the disappointing result at the weekend, but I’m forced to admit that in this instance, time has failed to be a healer, to lose the game in the final play of the game was tough to take, and we are again left frustrated by not closing out a game that we should have won.

All the talk from the game will be about the last play, and Catalans came up with some great skill at the death to force their way over, but we should never have let it get to that situation.

When we are in a commanding position, like we were at the weekend, we have to be a lot more ruthless.

It’s a quality that all successful teams have in their armour and it’s something that we need to get into our game if we want to win silverware this season.

Despite losing the game, I remain as confident as ever that we can be a force to be reckoned with in 2012.

We played really well in the first half, and in the opening minutes of the second period, and the challenge for us is to stay focused and stick to our game plan so we produce that type of performance for 80 minutes.

n THERE has been some debate recently over the possibility of extending the World Club Challenge format with the top three or four sides from the Super League and NRL competing for the World Club Champions title.

From a players’ perspective, I think it is something that really whets the appetite, as all players want to compete against the best teams in the world.

I think supporters would also really buy into the concept and you wouldn’t have much problem selling out games against the top NRL sides.

However, with there already being 27 rounds of Super League, Challenge Cup and play-offs, it is hard to see at this stage where you can fit in such a competition.

With the season running from February through to October or November, if your an international it would inevitably mean there would have to be some restructuring of the fixtures, but there is no doubt it could be a great competition and it is worth giving the idea serious consideration.

n ONE thing I have always enjoyed at St Helens is the fact that we have a great team spirit and the lads enjoy each others company.

Some of the boys have strong relationship, guys like Gary Wheeler and Jamie Foster who played together since they started out at Blackbrook as young lads are almost inseparable.

But recently Jamie has been spending more time with Tommy Makinson, casting his long standing friend aside.

And I can tell you that Wheels is far from happy that their solid bond is showing signs of weakening.

A real “love triangle” situation has developed as they all compete for each others affections in scenes more fitting to an episode of Coronation Street rather than a Super League Club.

I’m sure Wheels and Jamie can overcome these testing times in their friendship, and Tommy’s interference will only go to strengthen their bond in the long term.

n Quote of the Week: The safest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it in your pocket.

– Ade Gardner

Spoken like a true saver of cash. Thanks for the support.

– Wello