Wello’s World - We must focus on the good points

Paul Wellens kicks the ball in frustration after Huddersfield winger Luke George scores
Paul Wellens kicks the ball in frustration after Huddersfield winger Luke George scores

AFTER what was another very tough contest at the weekend, we were again left frustrated by not winning a game we felt we should have.

In the first half we were very good, we played with patience and had an excellent kicking game.

However, in the second half we fell short of those high standards, we didn’t kick the ball as well and made far too many errors putting ourselves under unnecessary pressure.

Defensively it was a much better performance from the previous week, and we can take a great deal of encouragement from the fact that what we are working on in training is paying off on the field, but we are also mindful that there is still room for improvement.

Over the coming weeks our games certainly don’t get any easier starting with Hull on Friday night.

Hull have a new coach this year in Peter Gentle and have also added some quality to their squad with the likes of Wade McKinnon and Brett Seymour.

They have always been a competitive side and, after a couple of years of under achievement, they certainly look like a side who will be fighting it out at the top end of the table.

From our perspective it’s important that we continue to work hard for each other, we are obviously desperate for a victory but it’s vital that we don’t focus purely on the result but the processes both in attack and defence that will help us achieve a much needed two points.

n TOWARDS the back end of last week, the club announced that Gary Wheeler has signed a contract extension up to the end of 2014.

This again outlines how important the club see not only developing junior players but rewarding them for their efforts.

The early part of Gary’s career was disrupted by injuries but hopefully that is behind him now and he can go on to fill the huge potential that he has.

I’m sure everyone at some point has come across those type of people that just aren’t happy unless they are moaning, and Gary Wheeler is one of those people.

If Wheels were to find £1,000 would complain that it was in £10 notes and not £20s, his glass really is always half empty but a good old whine is what makes him tick.

n AS details of one player extending his stay at the club emerged, it was preceded by the news that Chris Flannery would be returning home to Australia at the end of the season.

Flanno is a great bloke both on and off the field. He is hard working, honest and is a great personality around the dressing room.

He and his family will be missed when they do leave but with two young children they feel it’s the right time to return home... where all the babysitters are.

n Quote of the week: “A father is someone who carries pictures where his money used to be.”

– Michael Shenton.

Shenny getting to grips with his new life as he is about to become a father any day soon.

Thanks for the support – Wello