Wello’s World - We’ll be ready for a Magic weekend

Paul Wellens on the charge against Leeds Rhinos
Paul Wellens on the charge against Leeds Rhinos

Firstly, I think we can safely say that it was a much-improved performance against Leeds than we had shown the week previous.

Headingley is never an easy place to go and get a result but I thought that we was the better team for the majority of the match.

What I found most satisfying about the game was when we fell behind early in the second half we refused to panic, we stuck to the game plan and remained very composed and we were confident that we would get ourselves back into a position from which we could go on and win the game.

Our attentions now quickly turn to the Magic Weekend fixture against Wigan taking place at the Etihad Stadium, home of current Premier League champions Manchester City.

I have had the pleasure of playing there before in a Great Britain v Australia Test match in 2004, it is a fantastic stadium with an immaculate playing surface and I’m sure the players from all 14 Super League clubs will enjoy the experience of competing there.

I think the Magic Weekend being played in Manchester is a much better concept, it is accessible for the majority of the Super League clubs fans.

There is no doubt we are in for another very tough game against Wigan. They have beaten us twice already this season and are the form team in the competition.

This provides us with a great challenge and we know that if we can play to the level we are capable of then we can win the game, it is important that we don’t focus on the result but the processes within the game that can help us achieve our aims.

n ONE of the major discussion points after most weekends of Super League is the “ruck area”, you quite often hear coaches and players talk about the controlling of it being too quick or too slow and inconsistencies from one week to the next being the most frustrating thing.

Since James Graham moved Down Under I decided to subscribe to the Premier Sports channel which provides live coverage of all the NRL games.

When in Australia they decided to switch to two referees, I was very sceptical and didn’t quite see the need for such a dramatic change to fix what seemed a minor problem. But having watched over the past few months, there is no doubt in my mind that the change has been for the better.

Like it or not, we will always have coaches and players who will try and push the boundaries in attempting to slow down the play and this has an effect on the flow of a game and only adds to the frustration of players and presumably the supporters.

After speaking with Jammer, he explains that players quickly become aware that there is no way of getting away with and kind of delaying tactic or as we know it “messing around at the play the ball, and I think it something that we should seriously consider bringing in over here to help clean the game up.

I understand that we don’t have the resources that they have available to them in the NRL and not as many referees but if a change would benefit the game then it’s something worth having a look at.

n JUST for the record I have made Jammer aware that he is costing me a further £7.99 a month in subscribing to his games and he will be getting an invoice through the post.

Quote of the Week: A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.

– Chris Flannery

Thanks for the great support, especially those who made the journey to Leeds on a school night

– Wello