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Ade Gardner scored at the weekend but Saints still went down to Hull FC
Ade Gardner scored at the weekend but Saints still went down to Hull FC

TO say that we are disappointed with our current form would be a huge understatement.

We expect much more of ourselves than we are delivering at the moment, and our performances need to improve very quickly if we want to achieve our ambitions of winning silverware this season.

When things aren’t going according to plan, it is sometimes very easy to look for excuses as to why we are under performing.

It’s important that we not only recognise that we must do a lot better, but also be prepared to work harder to get the level of performance required to be successful.

I can accept our supporters will be disappointed with how we have been playing recently – and rightfully so.

Being at St Helens there is an expectation for success, and when we don’t meet those standards, the criticism we get is more than justified.

We should always expect to be a successful team, because it is those high standards that keep us honest.

We never want to be a club that settles for mediocrity.

Despite the performances not being as good as they should be, I can assure all of our supporters that it is not down to a lack of effort or commitment, and we will continue to work hard as we strive to improve.

There is no better time to start than when we visit Bradford on Saturday evening.

They had a great win at the weekend in coming from behind to beat Hull KR, so we can expect a very tough game against a team full of confidence.

n I WOULD like to congratulate Jon Wilkin, James Roby and Jonny Lomax for their selection in the England squad.

They all deserve their place in the squad, and I’m sure all three will be involved in the summer when they will take on the Exiles.

It will be of interest to many Saints supporters to learn that the Exiles will coached our former boss Daniel Anderson.

n IN between training sessions, we quite often have a few hours to kill and surprisingly a few of the lads have started playing chess.

It’s not often a game you would associate with rugby players, but Andrew Dixon and Francis Meli have been taking it very serious.

It’s probably not the normal behaviour you would get in a game of chessm and it nearly always turns into a verbal slanging match.

Rooks and Knights also start to get flung about the room after the losing player, usually Dicko, flies into a fit of rage.

But the chess has had to be put on the back burner over the last few days as someone has pinched the kings out of the set.

Francis is now on a mission to hunt down the person responsible.

When Francis asked Gary Wheeler whether they were in his locker, Wheels very wittily replied; “I’ll check mate!”.

Quote of the week: “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it into a fruit salad.” – Sia Soliola