Wello’s World - Our young half backs were outstanding

Wigan Warriors v St Helens Saints 18/09/2011
Wigan Warriors v St Helens Saints 18/09/2011

WE are obviously delighted with our performance at Wigan on Sunday afternoon.

It was a great effort from the lads, and although it wasn’t the complete performance, we can take a great deal of confidence from beating one of the competition’s top teams.

We had some fantastic individual performances on the weekend.

I thought our forwards was outstanding – they played very tough and got through an incredible amount of work – and our half-backs Jonny Lomax and Lee Gaskell played with a great understanding and maturity way beyond their years.

We spend a lot of time at training working with our half-backs to put on and execute effective plays, and both Jonny and Lee have the belief to go out on the big stage and carry out the instructions given to them.

We are well aware that, despite a great victory, there is still plenty of hard work ahead of us if we want to reach our ultimate goal of winning the Grand Final.

Our feet remain firmly on the ground, and although we are pleased with the way things are going, we won’t be getting carried away.

The victory enables us to enjoy a week off, which I feel will benefit us, as it gives a chance for those carrying a few minor bumps and bruises to get themselves right for what will be another tough encounter in two weeks’ time.

n IT is around this time of year that we as players have to vote a first, second and third position for who we believe should be Man of Steel.

One of the stipulations is that you are unable to vote for someone from your own club.

My votes this year went to Sam Tomkins, Rangi Chase and Sean O’Loughlin.

However, I do have doubts whether giving every player in the competition a vote is an effective way of deciding the prestigious award.

I watch a lot of rugby, so therefore have an understanding of the game’s top performers.

But there are a lot of players within the game who do not watch or take very little note of other games, or players other than what they are doing themselves.

This is not a negative thing, as some players feel they perform better by switching off from the game altogether when they are away from the training ground or match day.

I once remember playing in a Friday night game when I was younger and we had a few players missing – Paul Newlove was one of them.

I was amazed on the Monday morning when he walked into training, and asked: “How did we get on on Friday lads?”

For two full days, he hadn’t checked for the result. He refused to pay for Sky TV, and said that his Teletext wasn’t working.

It may surprise some, but there are many more players like him who decide not to take an interest in the game, other than when they are involved.

I think there should be a voting panel, two players from each squad, one being the captain and a third vote from every head coach, who no doubt watch games over and over in doing there analysis.

There are less votes, but I think you would get an accurate outcome. You could also go one step further to make the votes public to provide some interest for supporters of the game.

All the Best - Wello