Wello’s World - How George Michael helped inspire our Wigan win

British singer George Michael, who inspired Paul Clough's performance against Wigan
British singer George Michael, who inspired Paul Clough's performance against Wigan

MORE and more players in the modern era now listen to music on their headphones prior to games and on bus trips to away matches.

It wasn’t the done thing 10-15 years ago, but with improved technology and particularly the use of iPhones, players can be seen nodding their heads to their favourite tunes and occasionally busting into a few dance moves.

Tony Puletua would probably be humming along to a Nat King Cole classic, while Jonny Lomax would prefer a Kanye West or 50 Cent rapping track. The soundtrack from the film Rocky is also quite popular with players trying to psyche themselves up for the game.

As the team bus was pulling up to the DW stadium on Friday night, I glanced across at Paul Clough who was glaring out of the window looking really focused on the game with a steely determination in his eyes, what music is he listening to I wondered as he very rarely looks as intense as he did on this occasion?

You could imagine my surprise when I heard George Michael’s track Careless Whisper blurring through his earphones. Not normally a track associated with motivation but I suppose if it works for him then who am I to complain.

WE were delighted at the weekend to record what is a long overdue derby victory. We prepared well for the game and played with a lot of energy.

Again we defended pretty well, and I thought our forward pack in particular were very strong and laid the platform from which we could go on and win the game.

We started the game very strongly and I thought when Wigan scored first, it was very much against the run of play, but we didn’t panic and got ourselves back into the contest.

Obviously people will point to the sending off of Wigan hooker Micheal McIllorum as a turning point in the game, but from our perspective we can only deal with the situation at hand, and I don’t think there can be too many complaints with the decision to use the red card.

We will work even harder over the next few weeks to make the necessary adjustments to our game that we need and this will hopefully make us a formidable outfit in the play-offs.

n WE will have to be quick in making those improvements as our first play off fixture takes us to the Halliwell Jones stadium to face the Warrington Wolves on Saturday evening.

It is certainly going to be a very hard game against a very good side.

They have a lot of experience in their ranks which is invaluable at the business end of the season.

That said, we are the only team to beat Warrington in their own back yard this year, so we understand the level of performance and effort needed to beat the better teams in the competition.

With us finishing third, a victory would see us advance straight through to the semi-final eliminator and defeat would give us one more chance to make it, but hopefully we can perform well enough to book a semi-final berth at the first attempt.

n ON Sunday evening, I attended Jon Wilkin’s testimonial comedy night that was hosted by Johnny Vegas, it was a very enjoyable evening and Johnny didn’t waste any time ripping poor Wilko to pieces. In the closing stages the evening took a rather bizarre twist as Wilko and Johnny ended up laying on the stage in a spooning position and what made it all the more traumatic is that they both seemed to be enjoying it far too much.

Johnny commented on how comfortable his head was nestled in the curve of Wilko’s bulging biceps.

I think a sleepover at Wilko’s may be on the cards soon although Wilko’s connection with Typhoo and Johnny’s affiliation with PG Tips has potential to cause a rift between them at the breakfast table.

Quote of the Week: Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

All the best – Wello