Wello’s World: Back to winning ways

St Helens Player Paul Wellens
St Helens Player Paul Wellens

AFTER successive defeats, we were obviously very pleased to get back to winning ways in beating Hull FC on Friday evening.

We knew it would be a very tough contest, and with them having one of the bigger teams in the competition, we prepared ourselves for a physical game.

For periods throughout the game, we played very well and scored some good team tries, but we certainly need to be more consistent with our performance.

We gave possession away too many times for our own liking, and it’s an area in which we need to get much better.

To win big games and to be competing for the major prizes at the business end of the season, any team would need a completion rate of around 85% and above.

We are falling short of that at the moment, however we remain very confident that we can make these improvements and be successful.

After getting back to winning ways, it is now crucial that we continue in the same vein when we travel to Wakefield on Sunday afternoon.

They are a team that have had difficulties both on and off the field this season.

But there is no doubt that, with John Kear in charge, they will continue to be very competitive, and they have always been a difficult side to play against, especially on their home ground.

AFTER our victory on the weekend, our coach Royce Simmons decided we would have a couple of extra days off, which was well received by the lads.

Most teams look to give players a mid-season break at a convenient time during the year.

And with nine days between our game against Hull and the next at Wakefield, this was our opportunity for some rest and recuperation.

It gives the players a chance to maybe have a few days away or in the case of Francis Meli, lie on the sofa for 72 hours straight.

Going back to 2000, when I was a little naive and easily swayed, I spent my days off in Benidorm with Sean Long.

And to say I didn’t feel to well when I returned, would be an understatement.

In the process, I learned some valuable lessons, so from that moment on, I try to use my time more productively.

After a day at a health spa getting massaged and general pampering, I feel the batteries have been well and truly recharged.

Thanks for the support – Wello