We share the blame for defeats

Paul Clough
Paul Clough

OUR fourth straight defeat in what has been, by our standards, a very poor run of form is no doubt providing us with some testing times.

One of the strengths of our team over recent years has been our ability to respond positively from defeats, and our inability to do this as our poor run of form continues is obviously becoming a concern to all involved.

The weather duly delivered as it seems to do whenever we make the trip over to Bradford and a rain soaked Odsal is becoming an all to common theme for our supporters.

Again it was a game which we felt we should have won but came up with too many individual mistakes; at this level it will cost you as we are finding out too often at the moment.

There is no magic formula which we can turn to if we want to get back to winning ways, it’s a case of the players taking responsibility for our own performance and working as hard as we can to become successful on a consistent basis.

Our discipline, too, is something that we need to improve on, we are conceding a lot of penalties in games and making ourselves do far too much defending, which in turn has an effect on our energy levels in attack.

Sadly, our poor form has led to the departure of our coaches Royce Simmons and Keiron Purtill; as players we must shoulder some of the responsibility for this eventuality.

To be honest there is not much I can say when things like this very unfortunate.

I have enjoyed a great working relationship with both Royce and Keiron and them giving me the opportunity to captain my hometown team is something that I will be forever grateful for.

Royce is one of the most genuine, honest and hard working blokes you could ever meet and always put the players interests before his own.

I’ve also known Keiron for a while now since he came to the club for his first spell as assistant coach in 2003, he like Royce works very hard and on behalf of the players would like to thank them for their efforts over the past 18 months.

WE must now look to move forward as a team and a club, we are professional players and have a game coming up against Leeds on Sunday evening.

We need to focus all our efforts on preparing well for this game. Mike Rush and Keiron Cunningham have both been at the club a very long time and are well equipped to take us forward in the immediate future.

I and all the lads will be right behind them, ensuring we can turn around our fortunes.

NEWS from the world of rugby league this week was the retirement of our former front row forward Nick Fozzard.

Foz still keeps in contact with quite a few of the boys and was a really popular character during his time at the club.

If I was doing a list of the funniest guys that I have played with Foz would certainly be in the top 1.

There was never a dull day with him around and the sight of him doing naked chin-ups in the gym is something that unfortunately is etched in my mind and I’m sure it will be there for many more years yet.

On a serious note though, Foz played for six different clubs over 18 seasons and that is an unbelievable effort considering the position in which he played. I’m sure all the Saints supporters will join me in wishing him well for the future.

I WOULD also like to congratulate Micheal Shenton and his partner Claire who added to the St Helens family with the birth of their baby daughter last week. Plenty of sleepless nights on the way for Shenny so we could have a very moody Yorkshireman on our hands for the next few weeks.

Quote of the week: “A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing” – Francis Meli showing that he not only has a bad temper but is also a sore loser.

Thanks for the continued support - Wello.