Skipper Paul Wellens revealed training ground secrets

Paul Wellens at the new Langtree Park stadium.
Paul Wellens at the new Langtree Park stadium.
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SAINTS skipper and St Helens Reporter columnist Paul Wellens (pictured) agreed to face a grilling from Saints.

Here he answers a selection of questions from the club’s supporters.

What is the best prank you have ever pulled on a team mate and the best prank that has been pulled on you? - From Kirsty Rigby, Eccleston

Jason Hooper, Darren Albert and I welcomed Jon Wilkin to St Helens by doing him the favour of painting his front door, I don’t think he was happy with our colour choice though.... White with a big red vee.

He found out it was us after one of his nosy neighbours gave accurate descriptions of us all. I very rarely got pranks played on me till recently, only the other week I was berating Andrew Dixon for bringing two slices of bread to training to make toast rather than bringing a loaf so we could all have some. The next day I arrived at training to find approximately 50 loaves of bread stuffed into my locker (pictured below). I wasn’t happy. Which team mate takes the longest in the shower and looking in the mirror? From Emily Carlisle, pupil at De La Salle,

We have quite a few guys who take great pride in their appearance but the younger members of the squad have taken it to a new level. The main culprits would be Jonny Lomax, Andrew Dixon and Jamie Foster, they enter training as Rugby Players and leave as a Boy Band.

What made you want to play rugby? From Tommy Vaughan, Haydock.

Growing up in St Helens it was natural that I would have an interest in rugby and Saints in particular. I come from quite a large family and have three older brothers who all played rugby and they got me hooked on it from a very early age.

Have you ever thought about moving clubs? - From Richard Heeley, St Helens.

As a professional I suppose you have to have an understanding that one day you may have to move clubs but during my time at St Helens I have never actively pursued a move elsewhere, St Helens is a great club and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there. If I had to move then I would but I certainly hope I won’t have to.

What made you want to play rugby in the first place? - From Kate O’Neil, St Helens

I loved all sports as a child and would spend all my spare time on De La Salle school fields close to where I lived playing sport, but rugby was always my favourite and growing up a stones throw away from Knowsley Road going to watch the Saints was a big part of my youth.

How do you spend your time after training? From Chris Lowe, St Helens.

It is important that you find time to relax after training and since I have had children relaxation time is certainly more difficult to come by. But we have quite a few guys at the club who enjoy the occasional round of golf and I find this a great way to unwind. We don’t take it too seriously but the sometimes the competitive element kicks in.