Senior duo impressed by coaches

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Jon Wilkin and Paul Wellens both believe Saints newly-formed coaching team has the knowledge to keep the club at the top of Super League.

The influential duo played with both head coach Keiron Cunningham and his assistant Sean Long.

And both says the pair have brought an innovative approach and winning mentality to coaching they had in abundance during their playing days.

“From my time playing the game, the two most knowledgeable people I’ve ever played with are Keiron and Sean,” said Wilkin.

“Keiron has been able to take on lots of things from very shrewd coaches and now he has pulled off a masterstroke by bringing in Sean. Sean has obviously had a troubled period but his knowledge of the game and the delivery of that knowledge has blown me away.

“Our coaching team is probably the youngest and most exciting there is.

“In all sports you require innovation and I believe we’ve got a great recipe for innovative coaching moving forward.”