Yates' view: Eamonn's straight-talking views came from the heart as he is a genuine dyed-in-the-wool supporter

Eamonn McManus. Picture: SWPix
Eamonn McManus. Picture: SWPix

Like everyone in the Saints' camp, I'm waiting with bated breath to see what action, if any, the RL compliance team will take against club chairman Eamonn McManus after his no-punches-pulled comments following an 18-4 defeat at the hands of Warrington Wolves in the Challenge Cup Final at Wembley.

Having read a plethora of views expressed in the Rugby League media and on social media, the St Helens supremo doesn't seem to have many allies unless they come from the town of St Helens itself, but at the same time I can understand his frustration on how events unfolded before, during and after the final itself.

To some extent, I believe his straight-talking views came from the heart rather than the head but a subsequent statement to his Castleford match day programmes notes seem to indicate that he is still sticking by his guns

Eamonn may be chairman of one of the world's biggest RL outfits but having climbed from the Knowsley Road terraces as a young man to then reignite his home town club in the early years of the new Millennium, he still remains, unlike other similar bosses in the sporting world, a genuine dyed-in-the-wool supporter.

Some people may say that as the chairman he should have been more conservative with his views but as a man who told me not too long ago that his family and Saints were the most important things in his life, I can fully understand where he is coming from - even though it has stirred up a nest of hornets.