Yates' verdict: What does the future hold for Magic weekend?

Jonny Lomax celebrates at Anfield. Picture: SWPix
Jonny Lomax celebrates at Anfield. Picture: SWPix

Super League supremo Robert Elstone and his team are already planning ahead and looking at ways and means they can make the Magic Weekend even better than it is at this moment in time.

They will draw on the experiences - either good or bad - of their first two-day extravaganza at Anfield and fit it into the framework of future events.

My own thoughts of the matter are:

1 - Despite the second lowest attendances since its inception in Cardiff 12 years ago, the home of Liverpool FC deserves a second bite of the cherry.

2 - Earlier planning and promotion of the event than in the past.

3 - Take a gamble - if that's needed - to stage one or more future Magic Weekend in Barcelona which, on a smaller scale, proved highly successful when Wigan Warriors faced Catalans Dragons at the Camp Nou a few weeks ago in front of a record Super League crowd of 31,555. This in itself will enhance the image of the sport on a global stage and be beneficial to the development of the 13-a-side game.

4 - Avoid Bank Holidays, if possible, when staging the event. It's an occasion when, in some cases, families can get together for the only time in a year. Schools are also on holiday and if mother and the kids want to go to the seaside, armed with their buckets and spades, and dad is desperate to watch his beloved club in the Magic Weekend some one is going to
lose out.

5 - Switch the two-day spectacular to later in the season when the race for the title is reaching boiling point and arguably will result in even more fans flocking through the turnstiles than currently.