Wilkin: Team work is the key

Jon Wilkin
Jon Wilkin

Jon Wilkins says Saints pre-season has been all about getting the essentials right - by focusing on team building and preparation.

Head coach Keiron Cunningham and fitness team have devised a series of gruelling sessions, including the now infamous efforts runs around the Dream statue in Bold.

“When you are a rugby league professional you try to find things which replicate how tough being in a game is,” Wilkin told Saints official website.

“To be honest in training you rarely find anything as tough as that.

“But the Lake's camp was the closest I have got to the pure exhaustion you get in a match.

“It opened our eyes to some of the things we take for granted as professionals; the things that make us what we are.

“When you are tired you find out a lot about yourself. You discover what you can do with limited energy and see what energy comes from teammates too.

“Sessions like that are trying to find out who wants to do that for their teammates and who doesn't.

“Tough times draw you close and it's about getting through those tough times together."