Wane hits out at Saints for ‘one of worst’ tackles

Shaun Wane
Shaun Wane
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Wigan boss Shaun Wane has hit out at the leniency of the ban given to a St Helens player for a dangerous tackle which injured one of his players.

Saints reserve player Tony Suffolk was given a five-match ban for the challenge on Warriors’ Sam Brady.

Footage of the incident shows him twisting Brady’s ankle in a ‘crocodile death-roll’ while he is being held up, before peeling away from the tackle.

Wane described it as “one of the worst I’ve seen.”

Asked whether he was surprised Suffolk was only handed a five-match ban, Wane replied: “Yes. Very.

“Without a doubt, that kind of thing deserves more.

“And I know Mike (Rush, chief executive) and Keiron (Cunningham, coach) will be upset that one of their players has done that.

“It was awful, uncalled for, and I feel for Sam. It was a shocker.”

Suffolk, 29, was banned for 10 games last year for a similar offence while playing for Rochdale.

After the latest incident, Brady needed to leave the pitch and he is expected be sidelined for several weeks.

The game took place last month, but Suffolk was only punished by the RFL disciplinary last night. Wigan lost the game 46-8.