Social media reaction to Saints' Wembley defeat by Warrington

James Roby collects his runners-up medal. Picture: SWPix
James Roby collects his runners-up medal. Picture: SWPix

Disappointed Saints' fans have been trying to come to terms with a shock Coral Challenge Cup Final defeat at the hands of neighbours Warrington Wolves and making their feelings known via social media.

Not surprisingly many have condemned the decision of referee Robert Hicks, which robbed Morgan Knowles of what was clearly a valid try when some supporters were still taking their seats at Wembley.

Whether it would have turned the result on its head is simply a matter of conjecture but would have given Saints an early shot of adrenaline and calmed any possible nerves.

Others, quite rightly, said Saints were far from their best and committed the kind of errors absent during their run to the summit of Super League.

Aussie full back Lachlan Coote, going into the final with 97 goals under his belt, missed a conversion which nine times out of 10 he would have slotted between the sticks with his eyes shut when Saints were just 12-4 adrift; Tommy Makinson - a purveyor of spectacular edge-of-the-seat tries all season - spilled possession on the point of touching down; and Mark Percival had an effort ruled out after team-mate Zeb Tiai had, in the referee's view, knocked on in the build-up - another controversial call.

But having said that, Saints' fans acknowledged on the day that the underdogs deserved their win which was achieved via far from complicated tactics - bulldozing their way through heart of the favourites' defence before kicking on the last tackle in the hope that a 50-50 battle for aerial supremacy would go their way - and it did when it mattered most.

It's a view shared by Blobbynator on the Red Vee web site who said: ''Finals are decided by completing your sets, kicking well and defending well. The intensity doesn't usually allow for an open game and, therefore, you need to handle the pressure, play with composure and take your chances when they come.

''We never gave ourselves a chance despite starting well. We practically gifted Warrington every single try. They didn't do anything special at all, but simply tackled and kicked very well, as
well as completing their sets.

''We didn't do any of that - we made a ridiculous amount of errors and when under pressure our defence crumbled.

''Until we learn to the handle the big occasion and do the simple things well, we won't win a final.

''I should say, though, we weren't helped at all by the referee. A couple of really key decisions went against us in the first half especially and that did have a bearing on the momentum early on.''

Saints Mac pointed out: ''I did not see one of our players go running to the ref asking him to have another look after ruling out Knowles' try. Can you imagine what the Warrington players would have done if they had been in the same position? They would have made sure the game wasn’t restarted until they had at least made him think about it.''

Reflecting on the loss of £!00, Fishy lamented: ''My missus put £5 on Knowles to score the first try at 20/1. She's gutted !

Harrii 81 insisted: ''We have no plan B this season.''

And finally Be Aware Shadows commented: ''We had enough chances to win but our game management was woeful.''