Roosters coach Trent Robinson suggests Perpignan as World Club venue

Trent Robinson
Trent Robinson
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Sydney Roosters' former Catalans Dragons coach Trent Robinson has put forward Perpignan as a potential venue for the annual World Club Challenge.

The Roosters take on Wigan in the 25th clash between the champions of Super League and the NRL at the DW Stadium on Sunday but Robinson wants to see the event formalised.

"We've played it for 20 years consistently and at the end of every season there's a discussion between teams about whether they're going to play it," Robinson told a news conference.

"It needs to be set in stone. I think it's better that it's played here, in the north of England, and possibly Perpignan, but there should be an agreement, let's say we're going to have it every year and organise how we're going to have it."

Wigan chairman Ian Lenagan, who helped organise this year's event through direct dialogue with his Roosters counterpart Nick Politis, says the fact that the concept is now the property of Super League will ensure its strength.

"We've had lots of involvement with the World Club Challenge but this is totally the best," Lenagan said. "With Super League now in charge it is different.

"Super League has been in charge of its own destiny since September and you can see the differences so far.

"Add in the fact that I could take immediate charge of dealing with our counterpart in Australia rather than having to go through our governing body, to their governing body and down to the team at the other end.

"I think that the changes that have already taken place in the New Beginnings will continue and the discussions are on already about whether we should revisit the idea of playing the World Club Challenge at the end of the season, rather than February."