Reports from Down Under say Ben Barba working as truck driver

Ben Barba
Ben Barba
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Ben Barba has begun new career as truck driver following a life ban from the NRL, according to the New Zealand Herald

From commanding a $500,000 salary to now earning an average of $27.20 an hour as a truck driver, Australian league star Ben Barba has suffered a massive fall from grace, says the newspaper.

Barba, who spent last season at St Helens and was named Man of Steel for his exploits on the field had his Cowboys contract torn up earlier this month following an alleged incident at a Townsville casino, the same day the 29-year-old was officially unveiled as full back for the Indigenous All Stars.

The controversial playmaker, who was once named the best player in the game, allegedly attacked his partner and mother of their four daughters, Ainslie Currie.

But Cowboys head of football Peter Parr confirmed that the club was attempting to assist Barba.

"We are going to help Ben wherever possible," he said.

"At the end of the day, Ben is a human being with a partner and four young kids and we can't just toss them out without any care.

"They are a young family and we feel we have a responsibility to help them - if indeed they want that help."