McManus raises Burns injury concerns

Eamonn McManus
Eamonn McManus
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Saints chairman Eamonn McManus has accused the powers that be of inconsistency after Travis Burns sustained a broken cheekbone against his former club.

Hull KR prop James Green was banned for one game despite breaking Burns’ cheekbone in three places with a late shoulder charge just two minutes into last Friday’s game.

McManus told of his frustration at the incident and said it raised “critical issues for the game which cannot be ignored or suppressed any longer”.

In a statement, he said: “In the immediate aftermath of the Grand Final, I publicly stated that the combined inconsistency of officiating on the pitch and the disciplinary decisions off it had created an environment capable of exploitation, innocent or otherwise.

“Only a month ago Kyle Amor was banned for two games for an accidental dangerous tackle which neither hurt nor injured anyone. How can you reconcile this with no sending off and a one match ban for a late shoulder to the head by a prop which breaks a half-back’s cheekbone?”

McManus said he did not believe Saints were being singled out, but claimed the foundations of the game and player welfare were at stake.

How can you reconcile Amor ban with no sending off and a one match ban for a late shoulder to the head by a prop which breaks a half-back’s cheekbone?

Eamonn McManus

“An environment of confused rule application on the pitch, compounded by inconsistent disciplinary sanction off it, will inevitably lead to unnecessary serious player injury as well as a disillusioned fan base,” he said.

“In addition to obvious player welfare concerns there is, equally importantly, a consequent commercial ill-effect for the entire game as well as for individual clubs.

“There is no point in making strong commercial progress, which the game recently has, if it is to be undermined by inconsistent officiating and disciplinary.”

He added: “The RFL and Super League have made great commercial progress in recent times, for which they are to be congratulated. However, this makes it all the more imperative that effective action is taken so as not to neutralise this.

“I can see no signs of progress since I raised what I considered to be a major alarm bell on this situation after last year’s Grand Final.”