Law changes will make Super League even more exciting says St Helens boss

Justin Holbrook
Justin Holbrook
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Changes in the laws governing Rugby League will make the sport more spectacular and exciting, according to Saints' head coach Justin Holbrook.

Super League will introduce golden point extra-time to regular-season competition from 2019 which means, if fixtures are level after 80 minutes, they will be followed by two five-minute periods of golden-point extra-time.

If there is no score after 10 minutes, then the game will be deemed a draw and both teams will take one point.

The structure also guarantees one-up, one-down promotion and relegation in a 12-team competition. All teams will play each other once home and away, plus six additional fixtures and the Dacia Magic Weekend, ending with the top five teams in a play-off series which culminates in a Grand Final to crown the Super League champions at Old Trafford.

Among other proposed changes are a reduction in the number of interchanges allowed per team from 10 to eight, and the introduction of a shot clock at scrums, drop-outs and conversions to reduce time-wasting.

Holbrook said: ''I think all the changes are good for the game and will make it quicker, a better spectacle and generate more excitement which is what all fans want to see.''

The Aussie boss went on:'"I don't think anybody enjoys seeing someone fall to the ground for no reason whatsoever when there is a scrum or drop out. All team have been doing it and it's horrible.

''I also think the golden point will generate more excitement. We are trying to make Rugby League more exciting to watch whether live, or on the TV, and feel all the new implementations are great.'''