Graham helping Cunningham

James Graham
James Graham

Former Knowsley Road idol James Graham is helping his old pal Keiron Cunningham in a never-ending search for talent Down Under.

“I speak to James once or twice every fortnight and he keeps me informed of what is going on in Australia,” said the Saints boss.

“He has recommended a number of players to me but I’m not in a position to tell you who they are.”

Prop Graham played more than 200 games for Saints, scoring 53 tries, before joining Canterbury Bulldogs ahead of the 2012 and is Cunningham’s ideal spy.

The coach said: “James will have his ear closer to the ground than most other people and also plays against these blokes every single week.

“I have other contacts in Australia, including coaches, who are watching from the side lines and often see matches from a spectator’s point of view rather than how it is perceived by a player.

“That’s why it is always better getting an inside view and this is what James provides.”

Saints are keeping tight-lipped about any potential big signing from overseas - something the club’s demanding fans are expecting - but the quality and terms will be a key factor and don’t rule out fresh recruitment coming nearer to home.

Cunningham said: “I watch NRL every week and there are a lot of players who fit our needs but bringing them over is a different story.

“You only need to look at my telephone and all you will see is Australians numbers as I’m continually speaking to managers and players’ agents etc.

“I’m heavily involved in this at the minute and obviously quite a number of names have been tossed around.

“But most of them are false.”