Yates' view: Sour grapes over on Humberside?

Everyone has a God-given right to express a view on any subject from sport to politics.

Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 10:26 am
Paul Cooke
Paul Cooke

It's called free speech and former Hull FC and Kingston Rovers player Paul Cooke took full advantage of it with what I believe were some slightly over-the-top comments about Theo Fages first half try in Saints' Betfred Challenge Cup semi-final victory against the Airlie Birds..

Sour grapes after the Humbersiders' defeat at Leigh or just an honestly-held belief?

Something between the two, I would suggest but insisting Fages didn't show sportsmanship as he took full advantage of Josh Griffin suddenly collapsing to the ground with what turned out to be achilles damage, losing the ball and allowing the Frenchman to scoot over the whitewash is out of order.

The St Helens half back simply followed his instinct and with a lucrative Wembley final on the horizon, I would suggest no one would refuse a try, even if it was gift-wrapped like in these circumstances.

Cooke also made some good points but the bottom line is the French international didn't break any laws of the game and neither head coach disagreed with the decision to carry on.

If Cooke still wants to make an issue of the incident, I suggest he lobby the RL law-makers for a change. They may actually back him!