Success at athletics meeting

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Saturday saw the North West Road relays which were held at Woodbank Park, Stockport. There were 32 athletes representing Sutton AC and also representing Merseyside or Cheshire.

The club had two teams within the senior women’s race: one Merseyside team and one Cheshire team. In the Cheshire team, Rachel McGoldrick was on first leg running the 3600m. course in 15.26, Maria McGoldrick finished in 16.48. and Helena McGoldrick brought the team home in 18.36. The team finished third.

A team. For the Merseyside ladies; Rachel Wilcock finished in 16.44, Carolyn Joyce finished in 18 min.42 secs.. Rachel Beesley was on the last leg and finished in 18.32. The team finished 5th for Merseyside. The senior men saw Tom Griffiths finish in 11.41, Jamie White in 12.24, Ian Costello 12.53 and John Greenall 14.02. The team finished 6th for Merseyside. Also there was an incomplete team which consisted of Barry Graney (13.26), Wayne Joyce and Ian Hayburn.

The U15s girls ran with the U17s women. They covered the distance of 2600m. For the U15s girls, Samantha Price led the team off to finish in 10.53. Next was Emily Ashton who finished in 11.19 and Kanyarat Avison who ran 11.51. The girls finished 3rd within Merseyside. Ellie Mawdsley was on first leg for the B team, she ran 12.54 and Natalie Tait 12.08. The U15s boys also ran 2600m. Anthony Walker led the team off finishing in 9.10. He then handed over to Jack Worrall who ran 10.39 and Sam Thomson brought the boys home in 9.25. The boys just missed out on a medal finishing 4th for Merseyside. The U17s. men ran the 3600m course. Adam Woosey was on the first leg and brought the team back in 12.39, Sam Miley continued in 14.31 and finally Jonathan Causer brought the team home in 13.49. The boys finished 3rd for Merseyside.

For the U13s girls, Ashlea Sprott represented the club for the first time, she finished the 2600m. course in 10.17, Alyx Bridge finished in 10.49 and Lucy Price brought the team home in 10.55. The girls finished 2nd for Merseyside. The U13s boys covered the same 2600m, Matthew Slevin finished his leg in 9.43, he handed over to Michael Brussels who finished in 10.12 and Nathan Worrall brought the team home in 10.31. The team finished 2nd in Merseyside. James Carberry and Liam Houghton both competed for the first time, Liam finished in 9.55 and James in 12.22.

Three of the club’s senior athletes made the trip to Newcastle for the Great North Run, Dennis Wharton was 2733rd. in 1.40.16, Tami Garvey Jones 10428th in 1.57.38 and Karen Harrison 20390th. in 2.14.53 secs.