Karate kid Tom is tough as teak

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Ten-year-olds don’t get much tougher than Tom Hulme.

The Robins Lane Primary School pupil has just achieved a black belt in karate - just three-and-a-half years after taking up the sport.

Thomas Hulme, 10, has been presented with a black belt in karate.

Thomas Hulme, 10, has been presented with a black belt in karate.

His sister Megan, 13, who goes to Sutton Academy, isn’t far behind either and is set to go for her black belt in March.

Their proud dad, Anthony, 40, of Marshalls Cross, said: “I’m proud of both of them and obviously Tom has done incredibly well to get to black belt in such a short space of time. He’s done really well with his gradings every single time.

“You can see that they’re both pretty natural at it and both put the effort in where other kids maybe don’t. They’re even helping to teach a few of the younger children already too!

“Tom’s got to wait 12 months before he can go for his second dan now but they both enjoy the training so much that I’m sure they’ll just keep going.”

Tom and Megan both train at St Peter’s Church in Parr twice a week and are coached by sensei Bill Taylor.

Bill said: “It’s quite unusual for someone so young to get to black belt so quickly. I think it’s his work ethic and dedication that has been the key - as well as a bit of natural talent.

“Some kids are better at fighting than demonstrating the basic movements but, when he puts his mind to it, Tom’s pretty good at all aspects of what he does.”