McManus’ concern for poorer clubs under salary cap rules

Saints chairman Eamonn McManus
Saints chairman Eamonn McManus
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Saints’ supremo Eamonn McManus is worried that the poorer clubs may suffer under the new salary cap rules.

Writing in the club’s match day programme ahead of Easter Monday’s home game against Castleford Tigers, Mr McManus said: “I’m concerned that the new rules do not produce a league where a couple of unnecessarily high spending clubs from now on dominate a predictable league where, conversely, the less wealthy become detached.

“This will produce an unattractive and, therefore, unsuccessful Super League.”

He went on: “I am very much in favour of a sensibly graduated and increased salary cap in order to retain our best talent and improve overall standards,

“However, the aggregated composition of the changes are unstructured, contradictory and not properly thought through in totality.

“The salary cap rules should be structured to benefit the long-term interests of the game and not to benefit the short-term individual interests of a handful of clubs, or their owners.

“The new rules have effectively resulted in an open ended cap (if that is not a contraction in terms ) which could in return result in a non-competitive league.

“More importantly, they will incentivise the buying of existing talent rather than the production and retention of talent which is self-defeating as it will ultimately result in there being no talent to buy.”

The chairman added: “The changes need to be re-tabled in order to remedy the unnecessary and uncoordinated double counting which has takes place and which could result in an unappetising combination of clubs spending beyond their means and a non-competitive Super League.

“A meaningful and effective increase in the salary cap can readily be achieved without any of the current potential consequences which will be to our long term detriment.”