Forget the score - it was tough

Saints Player Leon Pryce
Saints Player Leon Pryce
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AFTER training on Monday the whole squad went to Frankie & Benny’s for something to eat.

Every so often, we try and do something together as a team, just to spend a little time socialising away from the pressures of rugby.

We enjoyed a great couple of hours, and everyone was getting on great... until it came time to settling the bill.

We normally find it easier to split the bill evenly between all players, and for the majority of us this is okay, but it came as no surprise that Ade Gardner had a problem with this.

Ade deemed it unfair that he should pay £1.50 extra as he only had tap water and not a diet coke.

And to make matters worse, he then had to put in for Cloughy, who tactically turned up to an establishment that sells food without his wallet AGAIN!

The club’s two tightest men are now at loggerheads with no signs of it reaching an amicable conclusion.

This made even worse by the fact they are still trying to recover from the disappointment of not scooping the Euro millions £161 million jackpot.