Cover in halves a priority

Saints coach Nathan Brown
Saints coach Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown (pictured) says he’s interested in signing at least one more player following the signings of Atelea Vea and Shannon McDonnell in recent weeks.

Saints coach Brown revealed that a utility player who can play at hooker and in the halves was top of the club’s shopping list.

He said: “We brought through a lot of younger players last year and some of them have been upgraded. We feel quite happy with our squad but, obviously, a utility-type player who can play in the halves and at hooker would be useful for us.

“At the moment we haven’t got any younger players at the club who are ready to do that.”

He added: “As things stand, every time we lose a player in a key position players like Wilko have to change positions. And moving players’ positions mid-season is never ideal.

“If we lose Walshy, we’ve got to move Wilko - it’s as simple as that.

“I wouldn’t say there’s anyone we’ve spoken to or anything like that, but we’re always looking.”