Brown’s target date stays

Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown

NATHAN Brown will NOT be joining Saints until the end of the season – despite his shock dismissal as Huddersfield coach.

The Aussie coach, who is due to take over the coaching reins at Langtree Park next season, parted company with the Giants on Monday after a string of defeats.

But St Helens chairman Eamonn McManus yesterday insisted caretakers bosses Mike Rush and Keiron Cunningham will continue until the end of the season, as planned.

He said: “It would be too disruptive to have three coaches in a year.

“We are pretty settled, and so Mike and Keiron will take us through this season.

“I’m sure Nathan will benefit from a holiday.”

Rush, the man currently in the Langtree Park hotseat, admitted he has mixed feelings about Brown’s impending arrival.

“I suppose in a way I will be sad to eventually hand over the reins, whenever that may be, but at the same time I have always said I never wanted to be a head coach,” he said.

“On the other hand, I can’t really be sad about something I didn’t really want to do in the first place, because it would be hypocritical and wrong if I started saying I am really disappointed, and then go and play second fiddle to someone else.”