Athletics round-up

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THE first indoor Sports Hall meeting of the winter for St Helens Sutton Athletics Club was held at the Kingsway Centre, Widnes.

The club had a good turnout of its junior athletes, particularly the girls, and all the athletes had a busy time, with the majority tackling three events.

Most successful for the boys was James Tennant in the Under-13 year group, taking second place overall in the two-lap race with 27.3 seconds and third in the speed bounce (SB) with a score of 71. In addition he cleared 1.92m in the long jump.

Finlay Radcliffe ran 29.5, had a 1.77m long jump and a 57 SB.

Joseph Woods ran 35.6, had a 1.48m long jump and a 3.38 shot put, while David Barrow threw 3.38m and had 67 for SB.

Only one Under-11 boy competed, with Jake Radcliffe, running two and four laps in 31.3 and 70.8, and having 33 for SB.

Outstanding in the Under-15 girls was Bethany Baxter, who took second place overall in the two-lap race with 27.15, and in the chest press with nine, and was third in the long jump with 1.98m.

Also in this group was Lauren Wilcock, who recorded 30.7 over two laps, a 1.66m long jump and five chest presses.

For the Under-13s girls, Hannah Seabrook was fastest over two laps with 30.3, had a 1.86m long jump and a 59 SB.

Caitlin Young ran 30.7, had a 4.28m shot put and a 1.7m long jump.

Megan Park ran 32.0, and had 6.67m in the shot put and a 1.59m long jump.

Emma Dobson ran 32.8, ran six laps in 119.2 seconds, and had a 5.95m shot put.

The club’s biggest turnout was in the Under-11s girls.

Katy Parr was the club’s fastest in the two and four lap races, running 29.4 and 66.4, as well as getting six in the chest press.

Rosie Dyer ran 33.9 and 77.8, and had a long jump of 1.44m.

Elizabeth Griffiths ran the two lap in 32.0, recorded 34 in the SB and 1.41m in the standing long jump.

Sian Glyn ran two laps in 32.2, and had a 1.5m ling jump.

Megan Parr ran 32.2 seconds, did a 35 SB and a four chest presses.

Elizabeth Tracey ran 33.2, 35 in the SB, and got four in the chest press.

Chris Orrick was one of three girls who ran four laps, recording 69.5, had a 1.44m long jump, and a 45 SB.

Grace Terry ran 73.2, cleared 1.33m in long jump and had a four in the chest press.

Amy Barrow ran 77.3 seconds and had 38 SB.