Unions are right on fracking

I was delighted to see that the GMB union has come out in favour of fracking.

It has considered the evidence and come to the conclusion that the positives in the form of jobs, prosperity and lower fuel bills, outweigh the negatives about environmental impact and subsidence.

If only other people and organisations gave it such consideration rather than knee-jerk rejecting something based either on ignorance or a predictable aversion to any kind of capitalist venture.

It made me laugh to read in the paper a few weeks ago about a veteran of the miners’ strike, who fought tooth and nail to keep Wigan borough’s deep pits open, is now spending his time trying to prevent fracking.

I am surely not alone in thinking that this is a huge contradiction. One wonders if fracking had been round for centuries and this fellow had fought in vain to prevent the sinkholes from being capped off whether he would now be trying to prevent the advent of this new-fangled coal mining lark, bringing with it all its danger and pollution?

TW Wood

Clinkham Wood