Technology costing way too much

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The procurement of Apple iPads and iPhones for each of the 48 St Helens councillors is an extravagance too far and will only serve to drive a wedge between councillors and the residents they are supposed to represent.

I do not accept in the slightest that these expensive gadgets will be good value for money for those struggling to pay their council tax.

Apple are defined as a premium brand for both smart phones and tablets with all of their products fetching an eye-watering price tag that many people in St Helens simply cannot afford. The council should not be in the business of ensuring its members have the most sought after gadgets on the market especially when there are so many cheaper alternatives out there.

Surely, if a councillor wants to stay in touch with their constituents via Twitter, Facebook and by email, a bog standard £50-100 smart phone at the councillor’s own expense would have been sufficient.

Paul Nuttall,

UKIP Merseyside MEP