Politicians practice self-preservation

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They say a week is a long time in politics. This week it was announced that the war in Afghanistan, which cost the lives of 448 servicemen and women and decades of misery for those returning with serious physical and mental injuries, was over. But still no explanation.

Then we had Vince Cable looking a little sheepish stating that the sell off of Royal Mail was a complete success - even though the loss to the British taxpayer was estimated at about one billion pounds..

Finally, culture secretary Maria Miller was ordered to repay £5,800 over her expense claims - watered down from £45,000 by creative accounting and veiled threats that she was reviewing the Leveson proposals on press reform. What’s most worrying is the way MPs from all parties have leapt to her defence.

Maybe the free British press disclosing their extravagant expenses claims was a step to far for many of them.

I myself have already decided that I will not be voting in the general election as the whole system has been hijacked by a political class of mostly privately educated career politicians who don’t have any real convictions - except self preservation.

Mr H Bradbury

Loughrigg Avenue, Clinkham Wood