No need to lower voting age

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What will happen if Labour’s proposal to give the vote to 16-year-olds is taken-up by the government? Will they allow them into betting shops and enable them to purchase booze from pubs and shops - even get married and become car drivers?

If given the vote this makes them into adults and thus they would want to be treated as such.

Keep voting at 18 though I was quite happy when it was 21 this was the time when we took up our responsibilities for the future.

My grandson has just turned 17. He feels it is too young. He is working for his future by attending college and working at saving for driving lessons and later a car.

Give them some space to enjoy being 16-years-old. You never get a second chance.

It is not the way to get people to vote Labour, why not encourage some of the parents to vote who never have, our parents made sure that we voted and took up the challenges of politics.

Renee Blow

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