Motorists ignore supermarket roundabout

Is there a more pointless roundabout in St Helens than the one that was created on the slip road into the Tesco supermarket off the Linkway?

Not only is there no need for a roundabout at all - there’s only one way you can go - but it is completely ignored by most motorists.

On the way out of the Tesco car park driver after driver turns right to head back up to the Linkway by completely bypassing the roundabout altogether.

I’m not criticising them for cutting the corner either - there shouldn’t be a roundabout there in the first place.

The roundabout created on the Linkway at the junction with the Tesco car park is far from being without fault either.

Many motorists simply ignore the road markings as they head straight on towards St Helens.

Mr Dunning

St Helens