Letters - Thanks for making a stand

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MAY I say a big thank you to everyone who signed petitions and came to our protests regarding the planning applications to put a waste transfer/incinerator on the former Ravenhead works site.

There are also plans by a separate company to build another waste disposal site in the same area.

This would also mean 250 lorries a day combined in that area, including, dust, noise, smells, all associated with waste transfer sites.

Local people have been fantastic, working together on this issue.

Please continue to write in your objections to St Helens Council’s planning department and have your say.

John Beirne,

St Helens

Get help with your fuel bills

ST Helens Citizens Advice Bureau has recently received funding from the British Gas Energy Trust to help clients to apply for grants to help clear outstanding gas and electricity arrears.

With the winter months approaching, it is essential that you receive the help that you need now if you are in arrears with your fuel bills. We may be able to help regardless of who your energy supplier is. We may also be able to help clients who have arrears on prepayment meters.

In addition to helping with fuel bills, we can provide energy efficiency and debt advice and can signpost you to other relevant services such as welfare benefits advice and counselling. This is a free service for clients.

For further information, please call Mike or Ryan on 01744 751380 who will be happy to answer any queries or can arrange an appointment to apply to the Trust.

St Helens Citizens Advice Bureau,

Millenium Centre,

Corporation Street,

St Helens.

Proposed club closure concern

CAN I express my deep concern at the proposed closure of Eccleston Social Club.

St Helens is changing rapidly as industry, retail, and social amenities decline while residential development is rampant.

I feel this trend is of an unhealthy balance which should be corrected before the face and character of this fine town is devalued for ever.

Apart from the distress to many individuals and groups who frequent the club, this closure flies in the face of a legacy passed down by the Pilkington family; a legacy I feel should be protected.

Norman Weston,

St Helens.

Safety worries at cul-de-sac

RECREATION Drive in Billinge is a very awkward cul-de-sac. For many years we have complained the pavements have been used by all as part of the road and are a danger to all.

Many an accident with vehicles has happened although not reported to police, so the council say it does not count as an accident, although it has cost many thousands of pounds in insurance excess fees.

In recent weeks the council has turned a derelict piece of lands from a haphazard car park where car owners got their feet dirty when parking, into a lush parking area.

The safety problem that would have cost just a fraction of the money has been totally ignored, as it just means the removal of a small grassed island.

There is also a chemist in the road where many times per day delivery vans visit, ambulances and service vehicles find it impossible to negotiate the area.

We would urge anyone who can help to contact us before more havoc is caused.

We all appreciate the transformation of the derelict lands to a car park so that people do not have to clean their shoes but I would have thought a safer area would have been more of a priority.

Eric Hattersley,

Recreation Drive,