Letters - October 9

Scaffolding at Whiston Hospital's Accident and Emergency department
Scaffolding at Whiston Hospital's Accident and Emergency department
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Whiston hospital

What is happening at Whiston?

I read with interest The St Helens Reporter about cancelled operations at Whiston Hospital and the reasons why this occurred (Reporter, September 25). But it is another thing about our hospital. Put simply, it appears to be disappearing under a mass of scaffolding around the A&E side and is now creeping around the Dragon Lane side. Is something wrong with our showpiece hospital? This hospital cost a fortune and is really still quite new, so what’s wrong with our new hospital?

Steve Taylor

St Helens

Energy prices

Ed’s plan makes economic sense

It’s all very well Ed Milliband taking a stance in his message to the big six energy suppliers. After all, we all use electricity, gas or both and we all want to pay less for it. So how are the energy companies missing the obvious? If just one of the big six lowers its prices dramatically, undercutting the other suppliers there will be a mass exodus of customers wanting to switch to the cheaper supplier. An increase in customers leads to an increase in profit and when the other suppliers begin competing with lower prices the market is bound to become a nicer place for us all.

One idiot claimed that Ed Miliband’s promise would harm the

economy. How? If were not having to spend so much on utilities we all have more money to spend elsewhere!

Mark Stevens

Avocet Close, Newton-le-Willows


Still waiting for new bin

How many St Helens council tax paying residents have started the new bin collections this week? How many have all their bins, bags and caddies? I am yet to receive my food caddy, as this is a NEW bin surely EVERY home in the borough needs one, so sufficient quantities should have been ordered and delivered in advance of the new collection regime commencing. I’d like to know what St Helens Council expect me to do with my food waste in the meantime? Whilst I applaud the council’s efforts to reduce landfill I’m amazed at how complicated they’ve made it. It really doesn’t need to be.

Bev Nacey

Ruskin Drive, Queens Park

blue badges

Beware the parking peril

In 2012 my wife (a blue badge holder) along with two other blue badge-holding patients were issued with parking tickets outside the Fingerpost Park House Medical Centre on Atlas Street while attending the surgery for appointments. They had parked adjacent to the disabled ramp provided to help disabled patients gain access to the surgery.

I wrote to the principal traffic engineer and the head of parking services requesting clarification on a number of points, one being the lack of any signs either side of the ramp telling patients not to park there, and requesting - tongue in cheek - a refund.

My request was politely refused but I believe a more considerate approach would have been to wait for the patients to come out and inform them they were not allowed to park there, make a note of their Reg numbers and if they parked there again then they could issue a fixed penalty.

I would suggest that this keen-eyed warden concentrates on those cars parking all over the pavements rather targeting disabled patients.

Trevor McLaughlin,

Mowbray Avenue, Islands Brow

combined authority

Let’s have the full facts

The people of St Helens should have a voice in the Merseyside merger, and the full implications should be published in the St Helens Reporter, not just what the council want us to know.

Arnold Brindle

Clifton Road, Billinge


Poll will soon be upon us

I enjoyed reading the Reporter letter over the little bit of naughtiness and mischief from my good friend Wally Ashcroft concerning the replacement of resigned councillor Alison Bacon in Billinge and Seneley Green. I noticed that The Green Party took the opportunity to do a little pre-election canvassing?

I can assure him and the residents of Billinge that matters are well in hand and there will be an election well before he is eating his Christmas pudding. As you read, we would have chosen our candidate from a shortlist and on the 25th vote if we have selected more than one.

The decision to wait was purely to get more urgent business sorted.

We will have a Labour candidate in place by the end of the month and then due process will begin. As to the size of the council and especially the number of councillors, in my ward, which Wally admits is the largest, is why we need three.

Coun Bill Bradbury (Labour branch secretary and Parish Council chairman)

Clifton Road, Billinge


Why fund those who won’t work?

I think it’s high time the Government brought in an exchange scheme for all those who claim benefits but refuse to make a proper effort to find a job forcing them to swap their 50 inch plasma televisions for a smaller screen TV and food stamps. I’m sure the Jeremy Kyle Show can still be watched on a smaller screen.

Lee Jones

The Shires, St Helens