Letters - Cameron’s comic revelations

DAVID Cameron appeared on TV shooting from the hip again, this time on the revelations that stand-up comic Jimmy Carr had used a off-shore tax scheme to avoid paying the full rate of UK tax which saved him millions.

The prime minister said that although this scheme was entirely legal he questioned the morals behind it, and his chancellor a few weeks ago called such schemes morally repugnant.

However a few hours later our prime minister had changed his stance having realised that out of the thousands using such loopholes many would be his friends and some would be sat on the green and red benches of parliament, which would cause serious embarrassment if they were revealed.

To me this raises serious questions about our tax system as multi-millionaires and co-operate companies can pay nothing to the society, or even care about how the state pays for the services we need and expect for a civilised society. How can it be right that a pensioner has to pay tax on a meagre pension while the super rich can get away scot-free.

Gordon Brown promised to close all these loopholes prior to being elected and yet 13 years later there were more tax dodges than ever, in fact the tax avoidance industry was thriving working out even more ingenious schemes to help their well healed clients avoid tax, always staying one step ahead of the inland revenue, and to make matters worse the new coalition government has sacked thousands from the inland revenue as part of the austerity measures to save money, while billions of pounds in fraud and these clever schemes goe uncollected at the same time as ordinary people are struggling to make ends meet.

Maybe that old saying: “Theres one rule for us and one rule for them” comes to mind, after: “We are all in this together.”

Mr H Bradbury,

Loughrigg Avenue,

St Helens.

Raise your fears with social worker

REGARDING the article in the St Helens Reporter headlined Fears Over Care Given at Home.

I have had care since February 2012, and I have had some bad experiences.

My advice to anyone in a similar situation is to the sit down with your social worker and one of the seniors from the agency and tell them your fears.

I can guarantee your fears will be well and truly ironed out.

I have a basic care package where there is always one lady I know and if there is a partner you don’t care who it is because there girls are well and truly vetted before being given the job.

The girls have sent me to hospital a number of times, and they always secure my home, so I would not worry unnecessarily.

As for being cheap, £66 isn’t cheap but to me they are worthy a lot more, and now I will not say anything bad. They have restored my condfidence.

Enid Summer,

St Helens.

Stop blaming the coalition

I OFTEN read with disbelief statements from our St Helens South MP and council leader and deputy leader Rimmer and Grunewald.

It is as if the world started in May 2010 and the previous Labour government was never in office!

The last Labour government is directly responsible for much of the debt that we as taxpayers have been saddled with.

The billions wasted on illegal wars, the failure to regulate British banks, the millions thrown away on costly and ill-conceived IT projects, and the expensive PFI schemes which have saddled future generations with extortionate repayments, so much so that Knowsley and Whiston hospitals have had to be bailed out by the present government to the tune of £20m this year alone.

What is even worse, New Labour abandoned all commitment the principles of social justice and equality in pursuit of big business and press approval.

We now hear St Helens MP Shaun Woodward imploring “the Government’s Fire Minister not to sanction further cuts to the local fire service” (Reporte May 24) – a great example of irony, if ever there was.

Perhaps he would like to explain the following disgraceful waste of taxpayer’s money.

A £270m PFI scheme, the now mothballed Fire Service Control Rooms, is costing the taxpayer well over £1 million a month in rent, electricity, water and repair costs.

Only one of these nine white elephants is occupied, but we have to go on paying until 2035 due to the lease agreement – almost £14m a year for eight empty buildings.

I would like to hear Woodward defend this one. All this happened under the last administration, not the coalition.

If Rimmer, Woodward and Grunewald wish to spend their time attacking the coalition and blaming it for everything from the state of the economy to the weather, then they should be prepared to answer for the incompetence of the last Labour government, who had 13 years in power and left the country in disarray.

Furthermore, I challenge them to resign and disassociate themselves from the Labour Party and stand on a Socialist manifesto with growth through infrastructure projects and youth employment at the forefront – paid for in part by the profits of the banks.

I am no fan of the coalition, and I will be the first to support them.

Look forward to their response.

Mike Perry,

Prescot Road,

St Helens.