Labour on the defensive?

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The Labour party must be really worried about the burgeoning UKIP with its attacks on the “new kids on the block” and in particular its smears and innuendo about leader Nigel Farage in consecutive weeks in the Reporter.

The fact is that all the scare-mongering in the headline “Shocking truth about UKIP revealed” is taken from a manifesto from before the 2010 general election.

The heat is really on Labour now following Nigel Farage’s demolition of Nick Clegg in the two-part debate on the EU and immigration. Miliband and Cameron turned down invitations to take part in the debates by seeming to assume there would be no interest for the electorate. How wrong they were.

The pathetic attack on Mr Farage because he once said Mrs Thatcher was a great inspiration highlights Labour’s concern over the UKIP threat even though UKIP do not have a single MP in Westminster.

One thing is certain, Blair, Brown and Miliband would not attract similarly enthusiastic endorsements. With the thirteen lost Labour years of mass uncontrolled immigration and tax, spend and give-away government still fresh in peoples’ minds Miliband and co have much to ponder.

H Atkinson