Fracking will feed bankers

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Fracking is being presented as a boom for Lancashire, however, residents have not been consulted and are denied a say about the numerous drawbacks.

Anti-fracking residents point to the many studies which show the costs of production far outweigh the benefits of this form of energy production.

Great play is made of bringing jobs to this area. Many of these will be technical jobs, most likely fulfilled by outside contractors, who will bring their own skilled operatives.

They may need quite a few lorry drivers as our country roads are likely to be choked with their heavy plant machinery and water supplies for the wells.

The gas will be sold within the European Union and to countries like China. I suspect trade deals have already been baked into the mix.

Meanwhile, Lancashire residents are going to have to put up with perhaps hundreds of horizontal drilling rigs which will be able to bore underneath our properties with impunity .

The noted oil exploration expert Ian R Crane has advised residents to conduct full structural surveys on our houses now before earthquakes commence because we will have to prove in a court of law that it was their underground explosions that caused our properties to subside.

Many of us know where this drive for fracking is coming from. It is the same greedy banking industry and their political advocates that do the bidding for these get rich quick schemes. Future generations will not excuse our disregard for our environment when so many viable alternative energy production schemes already exist.

G Lloyd

The Meadows, Rainhill