Fortress walls ‘not necessary’

With regard to the article in last week’s Reporter, I am annoyed and somewhat puzzled by comments by Mr Smith’s spokesman re attacks from residents.

Since this man and his family moved onto that particular site more than 13 months ago, to our knowledge, there have been NO incidents of attacks, criminal damage, or anything remotely resembling victimisation from the community.

In fact, neither the Greenbank TRA nor Greenbank and District Neighbourhood Watch has received ANY reports suggesting activity against the site or family from anyone in the local community .

I feel Mr Smith is playing the victim card as a desperate ploy to avoid the consequences of his illegal planning transgressions.

The real victims are the local settled community who are 100 per cent reliant on the decisions by a distant, unaccountable Planning Inspectorate, who we hope and pray adhere to common law as they decide this appeal process.

Following the hard work - for 10 years - by Greenbank TRA and the Neighbourhood Watch Group, the only blot on the landscape is surrounded by a very high fence which is neither welcome nor necessary from any perspective.

Jimmy Devlin

Chairman of Greenbank TRA