Energy for paradise

Fracking has been a normal procedure in the US for some time and I have not read of any adverse issues. Indeed it is finding jobs for people and providing a source of energy.

To those people who think any change is bad for the environment, May I just say this (with apologies to Carly Simon and her Big Yellow Taxi).

They’ve changed paradise and put up a new wind farm,

It’ll save the planet and it will do no harm,

But don’t they know if the winds don’t blow,

We’ll be lighting candles in the dark,

Will they save paradise or is it just a lark.

We’ll all go green - that’s the thinking plan,

No fossil fuels for the help of man,

So think of this as the planet you save,

When you’re back in your unlit cave,

There you are - the new neanderthal man.

We pay them cash if the winds don’t blow,

And if it blows too hard they still get their dough,

If you don’t know and let’s be frank,

They’re laughing all the way to the bank,

Don’t you know with their minds span,

They ain’t thought through the plan,

To change paradise and save tomorrow’s man.

Bill Townley

St Helens