Decision on tank driver just wrong

When deciding to prosecute the Crown Prosecution Service have to consider whether there is enough evidence to charge the defendant and whether it is in the public interest to bring the case to court.

I fail to see how it was in the public interest to prosecute Paul Dunn for rushing to the aid of his mum, a victim of domestic violence (St Helens Report, April 16). I do not condone drink driving, however, there is no justice in prosecuting Paul which has led to him being dishonourably discharged from the army.

A person convicted of drink driving is automatically disqualified, however, the Court can consider special reasons such as driving in emergencies and this can lead to a defendant being disqualified for a shorter period of time or not disqualified at all, which would have saved his job.

It’s a farce that Paul has to pay a £25 victim surcharge as he and his mother are the victims in this case. This is a travesty of justice.

Michael Egan

The Shires, Ravenhead