Cost of living crisis affects everyone

For weeks leading up to the budget we were continually told by Labour politicians that the average worker in Britain was £1600 worse off after four years of the coalition government than they were in 2010.

Maybe I’m a bit slow, but even if it’s true would this not be the expected outcome after coming out of the deepest recession for generations caused in no small part by the very people who are now telling us how it should be done.

The trouble with Labour is that they are still in the memory bank for the 13 years of tax, spend and give-away government and according to their feeble cries no-one would have been worse off under Labour, meaning that the nation would have been even deeper in debt than we were. So bad was the situation that the Treasury Minister left a note saying “Sorry there is no money left,” as he switched off the lights and closed the door behind him.

One last thing: Just ask the workers in Spain and Greece, if you can find any, would they like to be only £1600 worse off after four years?

Harold Atkindon

Brookside Close Haydock