Bingo budget an insult to workers

Does George Osborne think we are all over the age of 65, queuing up to take out our pensions and getting ready for a night out to a bingo hall?

Although it is nice to cut tax on fun luxuries such as alcohol and bingo, how is that really going to help the thousands who are struggling with far more pressing things such as childcare, energy bills and housing cost?

I am a 30-something homeowner with a family and bingo is far from my mind.

Mr Osborne wishes to boost the bingo industry and help people keep their jobs – how commendable! But what about other industries? The hotel and leisure trade, retail, cinemas etc?

How can he pick one industry over another?

How about cutting tax on things people NEED and will use on a regular basis, rather than once in a blue moon?

Petrol, fuel bills, childcare, food, the list goes on.

Next time, think about the average resident, not beer-swilling bingo-goers!

Mark Bagnall

St Helens