Your say: Tax rise is ‘ridiculous’

Kathryn Bajer and her sister Lorraine Bajer
Kathryn Bajer and her sister Lorraine Bajer

SISTERS Kathryn and Lorraine Bajer say they think a council tax rise would be “ridiculous” in the current economic climate.

Kathryn, 34, and Lorraine, 30, also claimed that their native Newton-le-Willows is often forgotten by St Helens Council when it dishes out its funding.

Kathryn said: “Increasing council tax at the moment would be ridiculous. The cost of living, heating and rent is already all going up but our wages aren’t. We hardly see any benefits from the council tax we pay either, apart from the emptying of our bins.

Lorraine added: “When the weather was really bad last winter our street didn’t even get gritted. Newton-le-Willows seems to get forgotten sometimes. For instance, we used to get really nice Christmas decorations in Earlestown but there’s none of that anymore.”